CWO, St Alphonsus Catholic Church Aboru Inducts 144 Members

…launches N15m fund raising for evangelisation bus!
The Catholic Women organization (CWO) of St. Alphonsus Catholic Church, Aboru, Iyana-Ipaja, Lagos on Sunday, March 22, 2015, inducted 144 new members. The organisation also launched a N15 million fund-raising for the purchase of evangelisation bus.

In his homily at the induction mass titled “Give him what he wants,” Very Rev. Fr. Stephen Enearu, Dean of Ipaja Deanery recommended seven steps to women towards securing their husbands’ love and achieving stabilised marriages. These, according to the Dean include respect for husband, appreciating him at all times, accepting his family members and acquiring home management skills. Others include showing total submission to husband in all things, providing sexual satisfaction to husband and good food.

“Every man deserves and demands respect from the wife. It is difficult for a husband to love a wife who has no respect for him. Appreciate his little efforts at all times and learn to say ‘thank you, my dear.’ Accept his family members; love his mother and his siblings.

Some women forget that someday, they too would become mothersin-law. Avoid dirty habits and take proper care of your children. Every woman should be a home manager,” he stated.

“Be submissive to your husbands at all times and avoid arguments. Ensure you satisfy him sexually. For those of you who use sex to punish your husbands, remember that when you lockup the border or mount road blocks, there are many other boarders that are open outside. Go and learn how to cook. The easiest way to a man’s heart is his stomach,” the Dean went further to say.

The Parish Priest of St. Alphonsus Catholic Church, Very Rev. Msgr Livinus Ukah in his refl ection presented at the occasion encouraged the CWO in his parish to sustain their strive towards achieving relevance. “Everything is lumped into outreach ministry and also meeting other women of the city of Lagos, enriching themselves and bringing new ideas to their homes and community. With the inscription of their bus, people will know Aboru and ask questions about Aboru.

Awareness of St Alphonsus Aboru is also an awareness of CWO Aboru. CWO Parish President, President Mrs. Agnes Bukky Olagunju, congratulated new inductees; the Parish Priest, Very Rev. Fr. Livinus Ukah and the Resident Sisters for the successful take-off of the CWO bus procurement fund launch. “The success of today’s event, no doubt, will place the women of St. Alphonsus Catholic Church, Aboru on a better pedestal,” she stated.

Prince Robert Soji Olagunju was Chairman of the Day while Madam Margaret Bankole was Mother of the Day.

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Nigerian Catholic Reporter: The magazine that tends to emphasize engagement

Nigerian Catholic Reporter is another brilliant effort aimed at re-defining news. It is an attempt to help the Catholics, in particular, to lead their lives. It is a unique demonstration of obsession with the community, an appreciation of the changes that are taking place in the media business, influenced mainly by the impact of the new media and the widening digital space.

The name of this niche publication describes its objective – It is the report devoted to the Nigerian Catholics; the reporter for the community. It is apparent that this huge community or target market does not have the Catholic-specific news even with the inherent era of unlimited or infinite information. Nigerian Catholic Reporter is a multi-media enterprise whose time has come. It will seek to fill the demand gap for profit and more importantly, for the benefit of the teeming Catholic population.

As the character of news changes, content is no longer key. What appears to be key now is engagement. The demand for content has shifted away to the desire to satisfy the needs and wants of the target market effectively and efficiently. Any newspaper or magazine that understands this critical shift is more likely to succeed.

The Catholic community has too many high-net-worth individuals and groups that need or want additional values than the Sunday-Sunday teachings from the pulpit. These mostly educated adherents need other relevant information on how to grow their businesses; how to conduct their affairs; how to overcome or meet their various challenges they face in their day-to-day living. They need to read about other people’s experiences and how they overcame their challenges.

It is now apparent that people’s media attention span is being spread to so many places other than news. People now self-administer huge amounts of content that relates to their lives, while news, at best, will win a few minutes of their attention per day.

In all of these, people still live in communities and they still get up every morning with things they need to do in the local space, places they need to go, things they need to buy or sell, interests they want to satisfy, problems they need to solve. So they still need local information — far more, in fact, than they need news, which now seems to be everywhere.

People want the kinds of personally relevant local information that will help them get things done in their lives. The identification of these needs may have contributed immensely to the birth of the Nigerian Catholic Reporter which implies a vital awakening in local media businesses.

The reason for the magazine compels the need to stop thinking only of our communities as places where news happen and are reported. The magazine appears to have already started thinking of communities as places where people lead their lives and are helped to do it. The magazine has also tries to figure out how to provide solutions that people regard as essential in their own lives and will use over and over every day.

The example of facebook and some other social media is a living proof that generic information like news is being swamped in massive amounts of inter-personal information.

It was Steve Gray, formerly of the International Press Institute, that stated and rightly so, that news was no longer enough to support a geography-based media business model.

Stanley Egbochukwu
Manufacturing Today

Isolo Deanery Inaugurates Board of Lectors

The newly elected Board of Lectors of Isolo Deanery in the Archdiocese of Lagos has been inaugurated. The Board which has Mr. John …, member from SS Joachim and Ann, Ijegun as its chairman was inaugurated on Sunday, October 19, 2014 at St. Lawrence Catholic Church, Isheri-Olofin.

Other members of the Board are Julie Ntherum, Immaculate Heart, Iba New Site, Vice-Chairman; Ogbonna Ita, St. John Parish, Igando, Secretary General; Chike Okoye, St. Augustine, Iba, Assistant Secretary; Tina Ekwuazi, St. Joseph, Agodo, Treasurer; Richard Ede, St. Francis, Idimu, Financial Secretary; Louis Ezenwaka, SS.

Timothy & Titus, Public Relations Officer; Ngozi Okeukwu, St. Francis Idimu, Welfare Officer and CJ Peters Izundu, St. Mary, Isolo, Provost.