Dear Msgri. /Frs., Brothers and Sisters in the Lord,


1. The recent announcement by the Lagos State Government, suspending the planned reopening of Churches for public worship has left us with a feeling of utter disappointment and bewilderment. We, lay faithful, Religious and the Clergy, had all been looking forward to 21st June, 2020, with joyful anticipation that we shall gather once again to celebrate the Eucharist as Communities of Faith in our different parishes. We had been engaging the Government and acting in concert with other Christians in the Christian Association of Nigeria on what we need to do. We had even gone ahead to issue particular stringent Archdiocesan Guidelines towards the gradual restoration of public Masses in order to ensure the safety of our people. All the parishes had started working to make the Church premises safe for worship following the guidelines later released by government.

It is very unfortunate that the State Government suspended the scheduled opening of Churches for Public worship because of the increase in the number of COVID-19 infections and its belief that the Church is a fertile ground for new infections.

We are convinced that there are higher chances of protecting people from the infection within Church premises than in other public places such as markets and motor parks due to precautions that we believe would be better respected by the faithful when they come to worship. If offices and businesses could be opened with safety measures put in place, we believe that the same principle ought to apply to Churches with higher chances of better compliance. We make bold to say again that the Church cares about the health and safety of the faithful as much as the State, if not more.

We also remind everyone that good health is not just physical wellness, it is a state of total wellbeing of the person: mental, emotional and psychological well-being. Faith and religious worship help to provide these other indices of well-being and we hope that would be taken into consideration by government in reconsidering its position.

2. We encourage the Clergy, Religious and Lay Faithful of our Archdiocese to accept the situation we are in with the eyes of faith, seeing it as the Will of God for us at this time. Whatever happens to us has the mark of God on it and we should recognize it as part of God’s providence. It is normal to feel disappointed and frustrated but we must never give in to discouragement rather we must remain calm and hopeful.

We shall continue to celebrate Masses which shall be broadcast on Lumen Christi Television Network and we hope that you will all continue to participate from your homes. Let us endeavor to keep the flame of our faith alive drawing strength from the words of St. Paul that “all things work together unto good for those who love God” (Rom. 8:28). We shall not relent in our prayers for God’s intervention in our fight against this virus since we believe that our sacrifices and efforts by the grace of God, would bring an end to the spread of this virus.

3. We urge the faithful of the Archdiocese to place our inability to celebrate Mass in public in the hands of God for a resolution. The Rosary is like a weapon that you use when you are at war and its potency have been proved over the years. We are not sure of what we are battling against but we know that with God on our side, we shall overcome. Please pray the rosary every day for an end to the Coronavirus but also for the restoration of Public Mass and return to normal life.

4. Meanwhile we urge all the faithful not to relax in taking due precautions because there is no doubt that the virus is still with us and we need to protect ourselves and others even while we go about our daily lives. Keep physical distance from others, avoid large gatherings of people, remain in your home unless there is need to go out, wear the face mask when in public and wash your hands often.

5. Do you know that you can use the opportunity of washing your hands to pray also? It takes about 20seconds to say the Our Father. Use the time for washing your hands productively by saying a prayer.

Finally, we commend the efforts of our dear priests who have been working to keep the faith of our people alive in these unusual times and in such dire circumstances. Along with the committees in their parishes, priests have been making efforts to prepare our churches in line with the safety measures for the resumption of public Masses.

We assure you that your efforts are not in vain. We believe that sooner than later, we shall have the opportunity to gather in our parishes to celebrate the Eucharist and the other sacraments once again. May God deliver us from this evil. Amen

+ Alfred Adewale MARTINS Archbishop, Metropolitan See of Lagos

List of Parishes I Always and Ekwulobia Catholic Dioceses

List of Parishes I Always and Ekwulobia Catholic Dioceses

Recently, the Pontiff created Ekwulobia Diocese out of Awka Diocese. Here are the parishes in alphabetical order in the two dioceses of Catholic Church in Anambra State.

Parishes in Awka Diocese:

1. Abagana – St. Francis
2. Abagana – St. Mark
3. Abagana – St. Martin ‘Hill Top’
4. Abagana – St. Michael
5. Abba – St. Paul
6. Achalla – St. Paul
7. Adazi-Ani – All Saints
8. Adazi-Ani – Sacred Heart
9. Adazi-Ani – St. Peter
10. Adazi-Enu – St. Dominci
11. Adazi-Enu – St. Patrick
12. Adazi-Nnukwu – Christ the King
13. Adazi-Nnukwu – St. Andrew
14. Adazi-Nnukwu – St. Joseph the Worker
15. Agulu – Holy Family
16. Agulu – Madonna Assumpta
17. Agulu – St. John
18. Agulu – St. Joseph
19. Agulu – St. Matthias
20. Agulu – St. Patrick
21. Agulu – St. Theresa
22. Aguluzoigbo – Queen of All Hearts
23. Aguluzoigbo – St. Patrick
24. Akwaeze – St. Gregory
25. Akwaeze – St. Michael
26. Amansea – St. Anthony
27. Amawbia – St. Edward
28. Amawbia – St. Joseph
29. Amawbia – St. Matthew
30. Awba-Ofemmili – St. Paul
31. Awgbu – All Saints
32. Awgbu – St. Joseph
33. Awgbu – St. Mary
34. Awgbu – St. Patrick
35. Awgbu – St. Theresa
36. Awka – Annunciation
37. Awka – Assumption
38. Awka – SS. John & Paul
39. Awka – St. Anthony
40. Awka – St. Francis
41. Awka – St. John
42. Awka – St. Joseph
43. Awka – St. Joseph the Worker Chaplaincy
44. Awka – St. Jude
45. Awka – St. Mary
46. Awka – St. Patrick
47. Awka – St. Peter
48. Awka – St. Thomas Aquinas
49. Ebenebe – Blessed Iwene Tansi
50. Ebenebe – St. Joseph
51. Ebenebe – St. Mary
52. Enugwu-Agidi – St. John
53. Enugwu-Ukwu – St. Anthony
54. Enugwu-Ukwu – St. Benedict
55. Enugwu-Ukwu – St. Francis
56. Enugwu-Ukwu – St. Theresa
57. Ichida – St. Augustine
58. Ichida – St. Rita
59. Ichida – St. Theresa
60. Ifitedunu – St. Gabriel
61. Ifitedunu – St. Martin
62. Ifitedunu – St. Mary
63. Isiagu – St. Michael
64. Isuaniocha – Christ the King
65. Mbaukwu – St. Dominic
66. Mbaukwu – St. Patrick
67. Mbaukwu – St. Theresa
68. Nawfia – Ave Maria
69. Nawfia – St. Anthony
70. Nawgu – St. Michael
71. Ndiora – St. James Chaplaincy
72. Ndiukwuenu – Holy Trinity
73. Neni – Immaculate Heart of Mary
74. Neni – St. James
75. Neni – St. John
76. Neni – St. Joseph
77. Neni – St. Mary
78. Neni – St. Michael
79. Nibo – St. Joseph
80. Nibo – St. Theresa
81. Nimo – Our Lady of the Assumption
82. Nimo – St. Kevin
83. Nimo – St. Mary
84. Nimo – St. Vincent
85. Nise – SS. Peter & Paul
86. Nise – St. Felix
87. Nise – St. Stephen
88. Nri – St. Joseph
89. Nri – St. Mary
90. Nri – St. Peter
91. Obeledu – Holy Trinity
92. Obeledu – St. Paul
93. Okpeze – St. Pius X
94. Okpuno – St. Gabriel
95. Ugbene – St. Peter
96. Ugbenu – St. Raphael
97. Ugwuoba – St. Michael
98. Ugwuoba – St. Paul
99. Ugwuoba – St. Peter
100. Ukpo – St. Joseph
101. Ukpo – St. Simon
102. Ukwulu – St. Aloysius Gonzaga Chaplaincy
103. Ukwulu – St. Theresa
104. Umuawulu – St. Joseph
105. Urum – St. Peter

Parishes in Ekwulobia Diocese:

1. Achina – St. Charles Borromeo
2. Achina – St. Joseph
3. Achina – St. Mary
4. Agbudu – St. Anthony
5. Aguluezechukwu – St. Mary
6. Aguluezechukwu – St. Peter
7. Ajalli – St. Matthew
8. Akpo – Christ the King
9. Akpo – St. Paul
10. Akpu – St. Matthew
11. Akpugoeze – St. Theresa
12. Amaokpala – St. Andrew
13. Amaokpala – St. Mary
14. Amesi – St. Joseph
15. Amesi – St. Vincent
16. Awa – St. Michael
17. Ekwulobia – Immaculate Heart
18. Ekwulobia – St. Anthony
19. Ekwulobia – St. Joseph
20. Ekwulobia – St. Mary
21. Enugwu-Umuonyia – St. Patrick
22. Eziagu – St. Michael
23. Ezinifite – St. John the Baptist
24. Ezinifite – St. Mary
25. Ezinifite – St. St. Pius X
26. Ezira – St. Mary
27. Igboukwu – Our Lady of Fatima
28. Igboukwu – St. Flannan
29. Igboukwu – St. John
30. Igboukwu – St. Martin
31. Igboukwu – St. Michael
32. Igboukwu – St. Patrick
33. Ihite – Sacred Heart
34. Ikenga – St. Anthony
35. Isulo – Queen of Peace
36. Isulo – St. Charles
37. Isuofia – Holy Trinity
38. Isuofia – SS. Peter & Paul
39. Isuofia – St. Patrick
40. Isuofia – St. Theresa
41. Nanka – Holy Trinity
42. Nanka – St. Anthony
43. Nanka – St. Gregory
44. Nanka – St. Michael
45. Nawfija – St. Patrick
46. Ndiowu – St. Patrick
47. Nkpologwu – St. Michael
48. Ogboji – St. Paul
49. Ogbunka – St. Monica
50. Ogbunka – St. Patrick
51. Oko – St. Anthony
52. Oko – St. Augustine Chaplaincy
53. Oko – St. Peter
54. Oko – St. Theresa
55. Omogho – St. Pius
56. Onneh – St. Mary
57. Oraeri – St. Mary
58. Owerre-Ezukala – St. Patrick
59. Ufuma – Holy Cross
60. Ufuma – St. Andrew
61. Ufuma – St. Clement
62. Ufuma – St. Mary
63. Ufuma – St. Paul
64. Uga – Immaculate Heart
65. Uga – St. Michael
66. Uga – St. Paul
67. Uga – St. Peter
68. Uga – St. Vincent
69. Umuchu – Holy Name
70. Umuchu – Our Lady of Fatima
71. Umuchu – SS. Peter & Paul
72. Umuchu – St. Patrick
73. Umuchu – St. Paul
74. Umuchukwu – St. Jude
75. Umunze – Christ the King Chaplaincy
76. Umunze – Holy Family Chaplaincy
77. Umunze – Holy Rosary
78. Umunze – SS. Peter & Paul
79. Umunze – St. Anthony
80. Umunze – St. Joseph
81. Umuomaku – St. John
82. Umuona – St. Maria Goretti

Source: Fides Media Limited

The Catholic Bishop Conference of  (CBCN) has offered all its 425 health facilities across the country as isolation centres for COVID-19

The Catholic Bishop Conference of (CBCN) has offered all its 425 health facilities across the country as isolation centres for COVID-19

Boss Mustapha, secretary to the government of the federation (SGF), who disclosed this at the presidential task force briefing on Monday said state governments can now take advantage of the facilities.

The Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) had said no state in the country has enough bed spaces for COVID-19 patients, but with the recent donations, Mustapha who chairs the presidential task force on COVID-19, said these would add in the committee’s support for the state governments.

“As part of efforts to support the states in the establishment of the isolation and treatment centres, I wish to remind our governors that the Catholic Bishops Conference has volunteered all the 425 hospitals and clinics nationwide for adaptation and use as isolation centres,” he said.

“Governors are encouraged to please approach Catholic Bishops in their states to access these facilities.

“​As a further cost-effective measure, I also wish to remind subnational authorities that the Nigeria Institute of Architects has pledged the pro bono services of their members to modify, design and supervise all COVID-19 related projects nationwide. Again, we urge that this offer be taken up speedily.”

The SGF also said the Thisday Dome treatment and isolation facility will be commissioned on Tuesday.

Nduka Obaigbena, publisher of THISDAY newspaper, had donated the facility to support the fight against COVID-19 in Abuja.

“It will add a total of 270 beds to our isolation capacity in Abuja. This is a private sector-driven initiative and we commend the efforts of this Thisday, NNPC, Sahara Energy Group, CCECC and all the partners involved in this enterprise,” Mustapha said.

Archbishop Martins Distributes Another Round of Palliatives To Parishes

Archbishop Martins Distributes Another Round of Palliatives To Parishes

As part of his determination to continue to cushion the pang of hunger among Nigerians in this lockdown period, the Catholic Archbishop of Lagos, Most Rev Alfred Adewale Martins has ordered the distribution of another round of palliatives to parishes in the Archdiocese.

The palliatives consisting of four thousand, two hundred and twenty five bags of foodstuffs (4225) were recently handed over to the Deans of the 15 deaneries that make up the Archdiocese of Lagos.

At the formal handover of the palliatives held recently at St Agnes Catholic Church, Maryland, the Archbishop who was represented at the brief ceremony by the Chancellor of the Archdiocese, Msgr Anthony Obanla, said the measure was part of the commitment of the Church to ensure that it provides some form of succour to God’s people during this period of the lockdown.

While making the presentations, Msgr Obanla explained, “The Archbishop has directed that these bags of foodstuffs should be distributed to the most vulnerable in all the over 184 parishes in the Archdiocese through the Deans. If you could recall, the Archbishop, on behalf of the Archdiocese, also donated some foodstuffs to the Lagos State Government to help alleviate the sufferings of Lagosians. This, once again, shows that the Church is very committed to ensure the welfare of the people.”
According to him, though the Archbishop was aware that many parishes in the Archdiocese have since the lockdown commenced distribution of food palliatives to the people, he had, as the father of all, approved the distribution of the additional palliatives to consolidate on the gains so far achieved.

Msgr Obanla urged the people of God to also pray for the generous donors of the palliatives, noting that the Church was merely a means through which God reaches out to His children.

On hand to receive the palliatives on behalf of the other deans of the Archdiocese were, Very Rev Fr Patrick Obayomi, Dean of Ikeja; Very Rev Fr Anthony Fadairo, Dean of Maryland and Very Rev Fr Michael Okonkwo, Dean of Yaba deanery.

Also present at the ceremony were, Rev Fr Anthony Godonu, Director of Social Communications, Rev Fr Vitalis Ezeigwe, Secretary to the Archbishop and Rev Fr. Emmanuel Emiri, Associate Priest of St Agnes Catholic Church, Maryland.

Archbishop  Kaigama flags off  multi-million worth of palliatives for vulnerable Nigerians

Archbishop Kaigama flags off multi-million worth of palliatives for vulnerable Nigerians

By Jessica Onyegbula

Abuja, April 25, 2020(NAN)The Metropolitan Archbishop of Abuja Catholic Archdiocese, His Grace, Most Rev. Ignatius Kaigama on Saturday flagged off the first phase of multi-million naira worth of palliatives for valuable and less privileged Nigerians during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown

Kaigama, who flagged off the palliative in Abuja stressed that this were difficult times, but hoped that the palliative go a long way to relieve the hardship and suffering of the people.

He noted that the palliative was to support rural parishes, prisons and orphanage homes during the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

While lamenting that the Church had not received any form of palliative from the Government, Kaigama said he was optimistic that the government would send something tangible to the Church to support the vulnerable and less privileged.

The Abuja Chief Shepherd also charged well meaning Nigerians who have enough and Organisations to intensify efforts in reaching out to the poor around them as it will go a long way to alleviate the suffering at this critical times.

”These palliative that would be going out, is not about tribe, religion, age, gender or class rather it for humanity so lets do the best we can from our hearts.

”What we are going to be giving out today was donated by the people of God in the church and not from the government, we are still optimistic that government would reach out with some relief, as we have not received anything from the government,” he said.

The Archbishop noted that the world was fighting a war but a very different kind of war and it’s no deceit, it is very real and it would cripple us in many ways.

”You can see how our social lives are crumbling, the economy is degenerating and religious gatherings are now impossible, there are going to be consequences so we must all be part of this war.

”We must understand it and protect ourselves, let us move forward with faith, trust, hope and confidence that we can overcome Covid-19 pandemic.

”Let no one deceive himself or herself, coronavirus is real and is a treat to humanity and everything we stand for,” he added.

Also speaking, the Catholic Women Organization Abuja Archdiocese, (CWOAA), is seeking to raise four million Naira to assist indigent and vulnerable members of the organization.

The President, CWOAA, Mrs Mary Imaezue said that the CWOAA felt the pains of her members and wished to offer some palliative measures to help the indigent members, especially in Parishes in more vulnerable areas because of their peculiarities.

Mrs Imaezue said her organization would contribute the sum of 500, 000 Naira, which would be drawn from its purse, to the Project and appealed to Catholic faithful, Spirited individuals and Parishes which are yet to assist their needy members to key into to the project.

Earlier, Mrs Imaezue had directed all CWOs at Parish levels to reach out to their vulnerable and indigent members in kind and cash as palliative measures.

She gave the assurance that the CWOAA would work with Parish CWO Presidents to ensure equitable distribution of palliative items to deserving members.(NAN)



The Lagos Archdiocesan Catholic Men Organizations (LACMON), has commenced direct cash transfer donations totalling N2,250,000 to 41 victims of the explosions that rocked Abule-Ado area of Lagos on Sunday March 15, 2020.

President of LACMON, Barrister Vincent Otiono, made this disclosure in a press statement issued in Lagos, on Wednesday.

According to the statement, the 41 victims started receiving the donations on 17th of April 2020.

The president who revealed that the N2,250,000 was the proceeds of a Relief Fund launched by the organisation thanked members for their display of overwhelming support for the victims.

“Your pain is our pain. What affects you, affects us. We are united in Christ our Leader. Our creator knows the end from the beginning. It is true that we have lost brothers and properties. It is true that the way of lives of many families have been altered… . Your grief is our grief. We came to see and to be with you…for you to know that we stand with you,” Otiono stated.

“Our Lord that gave us the gift of life will give us courage and the window to overcome this monumental catastrophe. Courage my brothers, it in this dark paths of our lives that we should be motivated to seek refuge in Christ our Leader…,” he went further to say.
Barrister Otiono also thanked the Lacmon Chaplain Rev Fr Dr Daniel Nwankwo for his Spiritual Guidance as well as His Grace the Archbishop of Metropolitan Sea of Dr Alfred Adewale Martins Lagos for being a Pillar of Support to Lacmon. Lacmon is poised to continue focusing on its two main agenda thrust of the Administration which is Evangelism and Empowerment.