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– Rev Fr Fidelis I. Agwulonu (PhD) fideagwulonu@gmail

January 20:2020 is a day for sober reflections. It is the day Martin Luther King Jr is remembered in the USA, for liberating the African Americans from centuries of racial subjugation. It is also the day the Church celebrates the Patron Saint of Nigerian Priests, Blessed Cyprian Michael Tansi, whose beatification brought the aging Pope St. John Paul II to Nigeria for the second time, setting the momentum for the liberation of the Nigerian Nation from the dictatorship of late General Sani Abacha in 1998.

Today (January 20:20:20), Nigerians trooped out in their numbers seeking not only LIBERATION from the tyranny of her leaders (including Judicial leaders) but also justice in the face of the glaring mathematical illogicality in the judgement that disqualified the peoples’ Governor, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha and installed Senator Hope Uzodinma as Governor of Imo State. Never in the history of this great nation has Nigerians in almost all the States of Nigeria (including the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja) taken to the Streets against the almighty Supreme Court of Nigeria, especially against a case that concerns a particular State and an individual for that matter. Putting aside party affiliations, ethnic divisions, religious bigotry and social differences, Nigerians dared the dangers of insecurity and unbridled security personnel, and demanded that the Supreme Court reverses its judgement and at least recommend a rerun for the gubernatorial seat of Imo State (to show a level of fairness to all parties). Even if justice is not realised today, Ihedioha should count himself favoured, justified and loved by many, who were ready to die fighting for his cause, even on the Streets of London. History is watching as the unfolding of a new Nigeria has dawned, when people disregard their differences and confront the unjust oppressors whether they are in the Presidency, Judiciary, Parliament, or in the Sanctuary.

Today equally confronted the media notoriety and the contentious prophecies emanating from the Adoration Ministries Enugu Nigeria (AMEN) whose Spiritual Director, beloved Fr. Camillus Ejike Mbaka has trended more on the social media than Donald Trump and his impeachment troubles. His controversial ‘prophecy’ on December 31, 2019, received an overwhelming attention as Nigerians on the street, on the social and mainstream media muttered numerous words of support for, and/or diatribe and vituperation against Fr Mbaka. His adherents were dying to defend him and the potency of his prophetic gifts; while the multitude of angry Nigerians believed he was the mouthpiece of those who used him to tell Nigerians the outcome of a yet to be delivered judgment. Those who were indifferent to the debate kept mute, knowing who was playing which card, and getting wiser on who to believe when the next ‘prophecy’ comes.

One cannot stop loving Fr Mbaka for any reasons, as he has to exercise his right to speech, but manybare concerned as his freedom infringes on the integrity of Nigerian polity and judiciary. It is sympathetic as he seems to have lost the solitary contentment needed by a minister of the Word and the Sacraments (as a Priest is meant to cherish solitude and silence, so as to continue to hear God’s word in the mystery of silence, through contemplation, study and constancy in prayer).

One had expected him to preach salvation, the Kingdom of Heaven, peace, reconciliation and detachment from worldly pleasures to both Governor Emeka Ihedioha and Senator Hope Uzodinma, rather than creating the polarity that has taken deep roots, not only in their relationship but extending to all Nigerians within and without. This affects not only Fr Mbaka, but the Catholic Priesthood, Catholics and all those open to accept the truth coming from the Church. For this reason, it is proper to educate especially the Catholics who are bewildered in the face of these recent incidents that led Archbishop Adewale Martins of the Catholic Archdiocese of Lagos to grant an interview to BBC Igbo service a few days ago, in which he condemned Fr Mbaka’s unguarded political involvement and speeches.

Loving Fr Mbaka’s as a child of God and a Priest; his prophecies, his ministry in the Adoration Ground and beyond, his Charismatic gifts, the ability to draw crowds of supporters and adherents, compels me to point out the following, believing that one of the people close to him will read these pages to him or hand him a printed copy. Reading his reactions in the dailies and seeing some video clips where he has spent a lot of energy in self defense, is an indication that he gets regular feedback from the tirades and the avalanche of words that have greeted his ‘God-given’ prophecies.

1. The Church is a Prophetic Church (as Fr Mbaka has been quoting recently). This fact does not bring the Church into fortunetelling nor soothsaying; rather it is a Prophetic Church because it speaks the mind of God, admonishing sinners and leading God’s children in the path of truth, justice and right. Pope St. John Paul II exercised this prophetic role to the late General Sank Abacha, when he admonished Abacha to release the prisoners held for a ‘coup attempt’ that never was.

2. A reminder to what is called PRIVATE REVELATIONS should guide Fr Mbaka when next he wants to make future ‘prophecies’, as God has spoken through the Word made flesh (Jesus). Any other revelation is private and should be kept as such. I do not want my brother and fellow Priest Fr Mbaka to compete with Pastor Joshua of the Synagogue Assembly nor any other Pastors in the battle for ‘prophecies’ and prophetic supremacy which is the order of the day in Nigeria today.

3. Every baptized child of God is a prophet by virtue of baptism, as they share the threefold roles of Christ as Priest, Prophet and King. Ihedioha is a prophet as well as Uzodinma. Fr Mbaka is a ministerial prophet by virtue of his ordination as a Priest. Any prophet has been bestowed with the same privileges of being spoken to by God and speaking back to God in silent meditation and prayer. So, let prophecy not get in the way of God’s children, so that it does not appear that God loves Hope Uzodinma more than he loves Emeka Ihedioha. Scripture says: “God does not show favouritism” (Romans 2:11). Let it not appear that those who attend Fr Mbaka’s Adoration in Enugu are more beloved and favoured by God than those who do not do same. That I have not been to Jerusalem does not make me less a follower of Jesus Christ.

4. I wish Fr. Mbaka did not bring God and the Holy Spirit into the ululations and altercations that preceded and followed the unfortunate Supreme Court judgment that has been widely condemned by many as injustice. “The Spirit of God is not a Spirit of confusion but of peace” (1 Cor. 14:33). One would have expected the Supreme Court to invite Fr Mbaka and questioned him for already delivering judgement to a case that was on their desk. The silence of the Supreme Court to Fr Mbaka’s ‘prophetic’ supremacy gives credence to the belief that one party is complementing the other, raising doubt in God’s involvement in Imo Politics.

5. It would have been honourable to see Fr. Mbaka condemn injustice whenever and wherever it shows up, as a true prophet is expected to do, rather than justify the ‘prophecy’ that was corroborated in the Supreme Court judgement. I respect the following ‘prophets’ of our present day Nigeria; though not exhaustive, these few are mentioned. They are prophets because they speak the mind of God, who is the God of justice, equity, fairness and truth:

(a) Governor Rotimi Akeredolu (SAN) of Ondo State who has confronted the Leviathan that is the Supreme Court, admonishing the Judges to revisit the case since they as human beings and have made mistakes in the judgement that took away justice from the people of Imo State. Though an APC Governor, he refused to agree with some party faithfuls who enjoy unquestioning party followership. He fearlessly stood for justice and fair play.

(b) Mike Ozekhome (SAN), who has boldly spoken up on and written thus: IMO: WHY SUPREME COURT JUDGEMENT SHOULD BE FULLY INTERROGATED (cf

(c) Prof. Obi Nwakanma, who, in his article: THERE IS NO JUSTICE IN THE SUPREME COURT (, spared no words in saying that we have witnessed corruption in Nigeria, but not as seen in this current regime. This regime has corrupted everything, including the most sacred institution that kept the madness at bay in Nigeria: the judiciary, (which even at the most difficult years of military tyranny, controlled Abacha’s madness). He said that the Supreme Court had embezzled justice by handing the Imo governorship to Hope Uzodinma.

(6) I was worried reading Seun Adeuyi’s report in the Breaking Times (Jan 20:2029) with the caption IMO GUBER: REAL REASONS WHY IHEDIOHA WAS REMOVED – MBAKA (as retrieved from

According to Adeuyi, Mbaka said Ihedioha failed to seek God’s face over a prophecy that predicted the outcome of the apex court’s verdict. He went further to say that Ihedioha should have asked him what do to avert the prophecy. Mbaka is quotes thus: “What’s the distance from Imo State to Enugu, that after given (sic) the message on December 31, 2019, Ihedioha cannot come to adoration and seek for God’s intervention, rather he embarked on attacking and castigating the message and the messenger. Tell me the person that attacked a genuine man of God and went scot-free?” He said.

Fr. Mbaka begs for questions here:

(a) So if Governor Ihedioha had come to see Fr Mbaka, the Supreme Court judgement would have favoured him? Both God and Supreme Court could be at the beck and call of Fr Mbaka.

(b) Is there no Adoration ground in the whole of Imo State where God could be sought after and His Mercy obtained?

(c) Did Governor Ihedioha not really seek God’s face through personal prayer and request for prayers from people, including fellow Priests in the Catholic Church, his Spiritual leaders in the Anglican Communion and other children of God?

(d) Did Hezekiah run after Isaiah after the prophecy concerning Hezekiah’s death? Hezekiah turned to the wall and prayed, and God heard him, and sent Isaiah back to Hezekiah. One should think that it is a prophet’s duty to go to the homes of those that prophecies are given on their behalf, and not for such persons to risk going to the homes of prophets. The prophet is meant to be a servant of the children of God.

(e) Would Imolites like me take seriously a Governor who leaves his official functions to run to Enugu Adoration ground in search of Fr Mbaka to revert his prophecy against his office as Governor? Come let us reason together:

(i) The prophecy (if genuine) should not have been Fr Mbaka’s, but prophecy from God through Fr. Mbaka as a mouthpiece. If God gave a prophecy, he would have immediately given the way out of the obstacles; and such messages of solution should not have been hoarded by Fr Mbaka waiting for Governor Ihedioha to come all the way to Enugu, to seek, not God’s face but Fr. Mbaka’s face and counselling. I hope he does not play God in Enugu Adoration ground. I remember St Paul saying: “Be careful when you think you are standing, lest you fall” (1 Cor. 10:12).

(ii) Any sane Governor who has won the mandate of the people should never administer democratic affairs of government by the swinging turns of prophecies; otherwise, that person should resign and leave the office to more diplomatic and professional democrats. Nigeria is not a theocratic state, rather a democratic one. There are many prophecies springing up everyday in Nigeria. God cannot be too idle that he dishes out prophecies even on the outcome of a football match between _Nigerian Chelsea_ and _Nigerian Manchester United_ . No one should reduce God to such vain and mundane realities. He is God, He is Holy. Scripture says: “Do not take the name of the Lord your God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes his name in vain” (Ex. 20:7).

(iii) Is it possible that because of the money offered by Senator Hope Uzodinma in the company of Governor Ganduje of Kano State (during the December Harvest and Bazaar of 2018 in Fr Mbaka’s Parish) in the video that went viral, that God has finally rewarded, by arm twisting the mandate of Imolites, to favour Senator Uzodinma? So with God, it is a case of _quid pro quo_ (this then that {if you give me, I give you back}) especially when it is done in Fr Mbaka’s Enugu Adoration ground? In that video, Dr. Peter Obi refused to make a public promise, and as a consequence, he lost in the Presidential elections of 2019 (derisive). It will be dangerous to reduce the things of God to ridicule and present God as being bought over by a N2 million gift in Church. God is not moved by such things. He gave us life when we were yet to be born, and unable to give him anything.

(f) It should have been left to the judgement of the people to decipher the one who is ‘the genuine man of God’ and not for the one to allude it to himself. No one should blow his trumpet please.

(7) I wish Fr Mbaka had given his prophecies to the following incidents, so that people would have come to him, to avert the prophecies before the ugly incidents, since he has plenitude of such powers:

(a) The Pipeline explosion in Abule-Egba, Lagos State, that killed many people, set many houses and cars ablaze and has caused great environmental problems to the State.

(b) The fire outbreak that destroyed property worth millions of Naira in Ogbete Main Market Enugu, on January 3, 2020, as reported by Vanguard Newspapers. The fire incidents that rocked markets in Anambra State last year, especially that of Ochanja market that destroyed lives and property worth billions of Naira. There was also a fire incident in Anambra State Spare Parts market (Mgbuka Obosi) on January 11, 2020, in which over 400 shops were razed down. I guess some of the victims could have been Fr Mbaka’s adherents. Igboland in general suffered many unfortunate incidents in the last two years, not excluding the massacre of her IPOB children.

(c) The many cases of building collapse that have brought tears to people in Anambra, Imo, Lagos and many other places.

(d) The kidnap of the Chibok Girls, Dapchi Girls, the Seminarians kidnapped from the Seminary in Kaduna recently, the many lives lost in Northern Nigeria in the hands of Boko Haram (especially the Madala Church attack in Niger State), the depressing Agatu killings in Benue State, the Priests, Catechists and other worshippers killed in Benue State in 2018, the uncountable number of lives lost in the President Buhari administration that Fr. Mbaka prophesied was GOOD LUCK to Nigeria, and terming ex-President Goodluck Jonathan as BAD LUCK. Nigerians know better today which prophecies are true. We have gained discernment through experience, especially as the rivers of blood have continued flowing all over Nigeria unabated, making the Southwest Governors to launch Amotekun (security outfit).

(e) The downing of Ukrainian aircraft few days ago by Iranians, that took the lives of 176 innocent people from at least five nations of the world.

(8) How I wish Fr Mbaka will pick up his Sacramental Theology texts and see that it was wrong and unliturgical for him to bring Senator Hope Uzodinma to the Altar of the Eucharistic Sacrifice (as shown in the video in circulation), placed Uzodinma’s hands on the Bible he placed on the Altar, and made Uzodinma take an oath on the Altar during the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. I wish to know who taught him that in the Seminary. The liturgical aberration was shocking. I wish he consults with his Theology Lecturers and be reminded on the laws governing oath-taking in the Catholic Church.

(9) When Fr. Mbaka quickly followed Senator Uzodinma to Owerri for the swearing in ceremony, less than 24 hours after the contended Supreme Court verdict, it was reported that he came to Owerri to CLEANSE THE GOVERNMENT HOUSE. Questions arise here:

(a) Why did Fr Mbaka not stay back in Enugu to take care of his numerous pastoral assignments there that hindered him from ministering to Ihedioha in the seven months he was in office. Was Ihedioha excluded from GRACE?

(b) By coming to CLEANSE the Government House, it meant that it was infested with unprintable things. It begs the question, as cleansing means to WASH CLEAN. Was Ihedioha into ritual killings in the Government House? Was the Government House turned into shrines for idol worship? I beg to know.

(c) Since Archbishop AJV Obinna resides at the heart of Owerri, less than 12 minutes to the Government House, shouldn’t it have been proper for the Archbishop to CLEANSE whatever. Who is bestowed with more Ecclesiastical endowments and functions: Mbaka or the Archbishop? I hope Fr Mbaka got the permission from the Archbishop before coming to Owerri, otherwise, he had incurred some canonical trespass of a jurisdiction in someone else’s domain.

(10) Sometimes, I wonder how many times the Prophets Isaiah, Jeremiah or Ezekiel came back to defend prophesies they gave, nor ever came to tell the world they were vindicated. The dailies are replete with Fr. Mbaka’s continuous speeches to defend ‘his’ prophecies. I hope those ‘prophecies’ were really from God. If they were hints from those on the corridors of power, using him to create awareness of a possible outcome of future events, then he should have a rethink.

Is it possible that Fr Mbaka laid a curse on those who condemned his ‘prophetic utterances’ that preceded the snatching away of the mandate of the people of Imo State? I hope that is never true, as there are many reactions to it on the social media. It is unusual for a Priest to raise curses on people who disagree with his prophecies, which they think came rather from the powers that be in the ruling party. Those prophecies, when placed on the canon of discernment (as a gift of the Holy Spirit) may hardly pass the test of credibility. I plead with him to humbly withdraw his curses if he did.

(11) I wish Fr Mbaka takes a long vacation, maybe for 90 days. Spend 30 days in Poland this beautiful winter and enjoy the snow, serenity and faith of the Polish people, deeply reflecting on the lives of Pope St John Paul II and St. Faustina Kowalska who came from that conservative country. Then spend 60 days in Imo State, plying through the roads and suburbs of the State; take the time to go through the nooks and crannies of the homes of the pensioners and helpless citizens of the State, interview people and know why it is not Emeka Ihedioha that lost at the Supreme Court, but the generality of Imolites. In seven months of Ihedioha’s administration, the people had followed their new new Joshua through the river Jordan, and stepped onto the brinks of the Promised Land. They had seen where Ihedioha was taking them to; he had led them through due process, to a new democratic dispensation. If he saw how flabbergasted many people were when he told Senator Hope Uzodinma in the video which is in circulation, that he gave a seat to Senator Rochas Okorocha, and for a eight years, no one could push him out of office as Governor. He claimed he was going to give the same to Senator Uzodinma. It makes him seem to have a hand in the frustration the people battled against on March 9, 2019. That day, Imolites voted like never before, and Emeka Ihedioha of an opposition party won the election.

(12). He became the hero and ‘god’ of a particular party in Imo State, when those party faithfuls carried him shoulder high as you came to cleanse and bless the Government House on January 15th instant. It did not look beautiful, beholding the sight, even as he waa garbed on his clerical wear. Next time, it would be good to let people see the hand of God in the things that happen, and not rob God the glory that should go to him.

I want to thank Fr Mbaka for the humility he will certainly exhibit when he reads these lines and reflect deeply on them, as words coming from his younger brother in the priesthood, who wants him to be better and to soar higher. God bless Fr. Mbaka and may he flourish in his ministry, with good health and long life.

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